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Even Patients are Better with EHR?

posted 7 years 10 months ago
I just visited my Uncle's clinic nearby. I heard him talking with his colleague about the latest in the health industry. Actually, I have read it before. Health professionals reviews are really convincing. By the way, He is interested to try the so called ehr ( that's the term they used). By the way, I'm curious and interested also as a patient. I want to know if it is accurate and safe for both doctors and patients. What benefits can we get from ehr as a patient? I have researched some basic information but it will be great if it is coming from you who have tried the new health care system.

posted 7 years 10 months ago
Hi! I'm not familiar with it but it's interesting. I hope my sick Grandma will benefit from this. I'm going to search and read about it now. Smile

posted 6 years 5 months ago
EHR = Electronic Health Record. I can explain it quite well. As I'm myself from healthcare sector. It is record keeping replacement to the traditional paper-based record in the medical field. As you may already know, that a large amount of work at hospital involves documentation. From the point of your entering, stay till you're departure, the record has to be updated on each interval. Even the food you ate, also the quantity. All of it counts important. You may never imagine what a herculean task this could be for healthcare professionals. They had to keep bothering you with petty queries. Asking you about you previous health-issues. How they got treated. Where you received the treatment. Though, to you it sounds absurd. You may consider it unnecessary. But it matters for all of us who care for your health. You're a human before you're a medical subject. This is why we are making sure to make it more easier for you by simply asking you to add your medical data once and for all. The record will be electronically saved. So retrieving it will be a lot more easier. You, or I, won;t have to see a pile of files in a store-room and scratch head not knowing which to open first. EHR saves both time and life in medicine.

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