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Medical software

posted 2 years 4 months ago
Hello, guys! Do you also have to go to your doctor's office to get prescriptions? I wonder if those electronic prescribing software will be something that doctors now will consider. So i don't have to go to my doctor's office to get my prescription. What do you guys think?

posted 2 years 4 months ago
e-Prescribing is now common in US. I am not 100% sure but I think you still have to go to the doctor for your consultation of course but he or she doesn't require anymore to issue the Rx paper to the patient. All he has to do is to enter the details of the medications needed for the patient and it will be transmitted to the pharmacy. It is very convenient and more accurate and the patient doesn't have to worry about losing the prescription paper. The doctor can electronically send his prescription to the accredited pharmacy using a software. And another good thing about this is that this software can store and update the patient's medication history.

posted 2 years 4 months ago
Your information sounds good to me. Do you mean hospitals now are trying to improve their healthcare by using accurate, efficient and paperless system? Where can find the software you are referring to. I actually searched online and found one, but seems like it is just a "Review" Though it contains a lot of features and look amazing, I still need a bit of your opinion so that I can make sure about it. Hope you can check it out. TIA

posted 9 months 13 hours ago
E-prescribing, as I have understood it, is just your doctor answering you electronically. It is, in one way or another, a substitute to in-person meeting/visit. Just as mailing is replaced by e-mailing. So, there are still going to be doctors. The jobs won't be stolen here (hah!). Only the mode of clinical consultation will alter with new technologies. The softwares will also make medical data recording more efficient. And with advanced tools, may be you can enter your medical condition. And the software will prescribe you what medicines you should take. Still, it has to be authorized by a professional doctor.

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