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A Letter To My Baby

posted 7 years 11 months ago
A Letter To Baby

Dear Baby ,
My Lovely baby it has been a long Journey for both of us,9 months is a lot of time you not meeting someone and yet that very person communicating to you through Kicks and stretching.Baby you know what ? Only God could have made things workout this well for me.Am sure you do not know this but it was because of you that sometimes my moods would change Drastically from happy to sad , Angry then maybe happy again. Please dont let everyone know about this let it be between you and me.
That Sunday Morning I remember waking up at around 3 am ,I knew what was happening to me Baby , I had experienced the same pains , Sorry they are called Contractions when i had your Big Sister in My Belly.Daddy woke up eventually and rushed me to the Nearest Clinic where I was to bring you into this world.I was going to meet the Innocent face behind the Kicks i have been experiencing for a while now.
After several hours of Labor ,Baby you finally came after i was Induced, Thanks to one Woman by the name Eve that we received this curse of giving birth in Pain,if she was next to me during that time baby i would have slapped her so hard.
Anyway you were now here and that was the happiest moment of our life.We gave you this lovely Name Nuru ( it means Light in kiswahili language).And yes Our Life was brighter Now having you around .
In Africa we Say "There is no work in carrying the Baby in your Belly, work begins when the baby is born .Oh yes this was very true , I have had sleepless Nights, stress and i did cry sometimes when i watched you cry , and Enjoyable Breastfeeding moments even though the 6 months breastfeeding program has not been easy .But You know what Baby Nuru things are changing now.
I love you but consider this your Final Eviction Notice, It has been more than 2 years i have been doing things that i had to do out of love for you.It has now reached a time that i have to take back what is mine.
I am taking back my sleep. I have been having sleepless nights but its time you have to sleep independently.
I am taking back my room.I will not creep no more in fear that you will wake up.I Love watching Movies by Tyler perryl in my Room and i will not watch this on Mute Mode,neither will i curse when my bathroom door make Noise.I will not be a prisoner in my own room
I am taking back my boobs.They are no longer for both of us.They are Mine.I will no longer wear those Nursing Bras that make it easier for Breastfeeding.My Boobs are going back to being attractive.
I am also taking back the right to choose what i wear My Dress My Choice.Now i can wear what i wabt whenever i want and baby when you see me with a Cleavage it is not because i want to breastfeed you No,it is because i want to look sexy and feel Feminine.
You know what Baby No more Flat Shoes.I Love Stilletoes Exactly what Beyonce wears so soon am giving away all my flats.
I am also going back to eating food in small Quantity and skipping some meals too , I will no longer eat Food for Two so that i can Produce enough Milk. Maybe even soon i will be visiting the Gym.For your Information my Gym Instructor is very strict. he is the best in town and i would not want to make him Angry.
Freedom is coming as soon as Baby is moving into her Room.I love you you still my Lovely Baby Nuru.

posted 7 years 11 months ago
Wow such a sweet and lovely letter. hoping baby Nuru will grow up and read it herself!

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