Hello you luscious lot.

Hope your day is proving to be more glossy and lustrous that The Little Mermaid's freshly brushed-with-a-fork scarlet mane.
I’m a broadcast journalist preparing a new honest, educational, sex positive podcast series for The Guardian. I’m looking for couples who are trying for a baby (either with or without medical assistance), have just become pregnant, or who recently became parents who would be willing to chat to me about how this situation affects their relationship and their sex lives. We’ll discuss their personal story in their own words: the challenges, the funny bits, the things they’ve learned and the wisdom they’d like to pass on to others. They can remain anonymous if they wish, and they can be located anywhere in the UK - I'll travel to them. I’m keen to promote diversity in the show, so people of all backgrounds are encouraged to take part. Please contact HiAlixFox@gmail.com in confidence for more details. Thanks superhumans!

[Hope this is OK to post here - my intentions are good, but just holler my way if there's an issue. Ta! Smile ]