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Any ideas to get kids to exercise even during busy times?

posted 8 years 2 months ago
Hi there! Any great motivational ideas to get your kids (a teenager and a tween) engaged in exercises more? They always say they're busy with school work which is quite true especially for the teenager. Tonight, we got them to walk/run with us for over 1 1/2 hours but that was the first time this year! Our last family exercise was late last year when we were all on vacation. And now, since it's our term break, they do some dancing on the Wii Fit. So the inactivity really happens on school days when they do loads of work in front of their laptops. Sad Face

posted 8 years 1 week ago
You can schedule at least twice a week that you will be having a fitness time 1 to 2 hours. And explain to them why is it important. I have here a list of exercises that you might try. Smile Goodluck!

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