Even though I am yet to sire a child, I don’t think it is right to keep the children in the same bed after a certain age. I believe a child should leave the mothers bed as soon as they turn two years. Remember these are children who are growing fast and trying to learn and master everything they come across. As the child approaches age 3, he becomes eager to learn, and their brain is like an empty slate that needs to be filled with information. So exposing the child to bedroom scenes may not be correct. I remember I stuck in my parents’ bedroom up to 4 years and I am sure I saw my parents kissing not once, not twice but severally. I sometimes see those images, and I blame them for exposing me to such acts at a very tender age. Now I must admit that a few months before I left their room, I could pretend that I was sleep and follow the proceedings besides them. But they finally got up with me and ejected me from their room. So parents lets pare kids from the trouble.