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Parents, Seat Belts Please!!!

posted 8 years 1 month ago
Hi everyone,
Last week here in Dubai, a tragic accident happened and a family lost three out of five of their children in a car accident. The other two are in intensive care with internal injuries. A truck ran a red light and caused the tragedy. But it was discovered that none of the children had their seat belts on and would have all survived.

Please parents, put on seat belts for the safety of our dear children. Everyone seems to be blaming the mother. A mistake she has to live with for the rest of her life.

posted 8 years 1 month ago
Oh gosh, that is heartbreaking, truly. But it certainly does illustrate just how critical the use of seatbelts can be if you get into a car accident. I wouldn't ever drive around with my little one not clipped in - the fact of the matter is even if you trust your own driving, you can never trust everyone else that's on the road at the same time, you know?

Always, always better to be safe than sorry.

posted 8 years 1 month ago
I wonder how they know for sure the children would have lived. There was a similar accident here a short time ago and all children were wearing their seatbelts. All of them died. I've had friends die or permanently crippled because they were wearing seatbelts.. sometimes not wearing them actually saves lives. You just never know. We, of course, should ALWAYS wear seatbelts and anyone who doesn't strap their children in is extremely irresponsible; just curious is all.. those poor children Sad Face

posted 8 years 1 month ago
It is just another one of those things that is so simple, but then also so simple to forget and it can have devastating consequences. When it comes to things like this it is all about getting ourselves in the routine and forming more healthy habits, then it just becomes second nature.

posted 8 years 1 month ago
I always make sure my children have their seat belts on before we go anywhere. I wear mine at all times too. You never know when an accident will occur and I them to be safe. Of course, it is illegal to not have children or adults without seat belts on so this is a good reason for remembering also. That is a terrible tragedy and I cannot imagine what that mother must be going through.

posted 8 years 1 month ago
It's so sad to hear that! The mother must feeling really bad, and it'd be really difficult for her. Praying for her.

I always make sure my children have the seat belt on then only we started to drive, though many people in my country still don't wear seat belts at the back seat, as this rule was just started to implement in these recent years, and some people still think children don't need that. It's always better to be safe.

posted 8 years 1 month ago
From where I am, children doesn't even have their own car seats, let alone be strapped on with a seatbelt. It's such an unfortunate accident, one that could have been avoided if the children were in seatbelts. I hope parents realise just how important it is to strap on their kids in seatbelts. You never know when an accident might happen. I just hope that the other two kids will recover from this incident.

And maybe there should be stricter reinforcement of the laws. Like I said, from where I am, authorities don't even reprimand people who let their babies in the front seat. I've seen it happen quite a few times. If laws are stricter, people won't disobey them as much.

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