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Short luteal phases and conceiving

posted 8 years 4 months ago
One of my close girlfriends had issues with this - having a short luteal phase. Basically from what I understood from her, it means that the time from ovulating to actually starting your period is shorter than the usual two weeks, and means that the lining of your uterus apparently doesn't have a chance to develop as thickly as it should...I hope I'm explaining it right as it's not something I've dealt with personally, just heard about it through my friend.

Has anyone here dealt with it? My friend did end up conceiving and had a beautiful little girl, but it did take her quite a while.

posted 8 years 3 months ago
I have heard of this condition actually but have not experienced it myself. Like you said, it's a condition wherein the luteal phase isn't enough time for the endometrium to develop. And without a well-developed endometrium or uterine lining, there's nothing for the fertilised egg to implant to.

I have read that acupuncture can be helpful in treating women with short luteal phases. The use of herbs is also found helpful for such cases. Diet and lifestyle changes can also make big differences and lengthen one's luteal phase.

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