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Do you know when you're ovulating?

posted 8 years 4 months ago
I'm wondering how many of you are pretty in tune with your bodies that you know pretty much when you're ovulating. Sometimes I get that ovarian pinch-type pain where I assume that I am - but other times (like now, when I'm actively trying for baby #2) I didn't notice any sort of feeling or anything around the time that I would have 'technically' been due to ovulate!

I know there's a lot of factors involved in the precise timing, but short of using an ovulation predictor kit how are you aware that it's the right time to try?

posted 8 years 4 months ago
I know you are trying hard to make sure that you will get pregnant but I suggest you don't over worry. I find it funny that I am clueless in my body and when I am ovulating or not. Keeping track of my mens is a hard enough task for me as it is.

But from someone who is now on her fourth pregnancy in 5 years I suggest you just enjoy being with your partner and eat right. Try new things and enjoy the process of making a bundle of joy. Smile I get two comments all the time its either, "you are lucky to be able to conceive so fast." And the other "you are not so lucky..." I think if you over think it will cause you unnecessary stress. My friend started taking vitamin e when she wanted to get pregnant and she is now 3 months going. So thats something you could try and intake.

posted 8 years 4 months ago
I am always aware when ovulating, aside from the fact that my body acts all weird, there is high volume of mucus and I am always cautious since I am not ready for the next baby. But like Akiram13 said, you should worry less and focus more on staying healthy. Not all women are aware when they ovulate.
You will get pregnant soon, wish you well.

posted 8 years 4 months ago
For me, here are the signs that I'm ovulating:
  • I feel some pains or cramps in the lower abdominal area. This is supposedly because of the maturation of the egg or its release.
  • There's an increase in cervical mucus in my underwear.
  • I feel like my temperature's a bit higher than normal.
And I think for most women these signs are the same anyway!

posted 8 years 2 months ago
I use the fertility awareness method (also called natural family planning). Honestly I'm sporadic with the tracking so I might sometimes miss when I'm actually ovulating. When we conceived my daughter I was shocked because it didn't seem like the fertility signs lined up at all. But now that I'm breastfeeding I'm not sure that I'm ovulating, so I'm tracking just to try and get in the habit.
Fertility awareness method is taking temperatures, checking cervix for positioning, softness/firmness, open/close, and the mucus texture.

With taking your basal temperature first waking up, there will be a pretty noticeable spike (though it's best to have a few months' worth of temps so you can see your own personal tendencies) right after your egg is released. Obviously it's better to have relations a day or so before that for optimal chances of conceiving, but if you track a couple months you'll start to learn what do you actually ovulate as opposed to when the "average" woman does.

posted 8 years 3 weeks ago
hi.... yes like you i can pretty much tell when im ovulating... twingy pains at either side of the lower abs]domen, clear stretchy cm and increased sex drive.
i have bbt charted too in the past but dont feel that its really too accurate.... opks are the best bet if you want to pin point ovulation exactly xx

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