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Do you pay your older children to babysit?

posted 8 years 1 month ago
I am a single parent, so I don't have the other parent to help out when it comes to watching my younger children when the need or want arises. When I need to run to the store, or take another child to practice but I don't want to take the younger kids with me I leave them with my oldest. In those situations do you pay your older child to babysit? Do you pay your child for some situations, like needed to run to the store verses going out for fun? I am just curious to see how others handle this. Thanks

posted 8 years 1 month ago
I am not in this situation and probably never will be since my children are only 15 months apart. My parents would always leave me with my older sisters when they would need to go to the store but they never paid them. I think it was seen as the responsibility of the older kids to help with the younger ones as a way of helping out the family. I think it would be up to what feels right for you whether you paid them or not. Maybe if you were just going out with friends versus taking another child somewhere or running an errand, it would be more of a reason to pay them. Maybe a little extra allowance at the end of the week or something.

posted 8 years 1 month ago
I wouldn't pay in cash but rather would pay with toys, games or something special so that the older can look forward to babysitting his sibling next time. There comes a time when you cannot take them with you everywhere you go, especially the salon or a baby shower; there is need to learn how to be responsible at an early age.

posted 8 years 2 weeks ago
I'm not yet in this situation but certainly when my husband for instance was growing up, his parents would let his older siblings watch him. There was a 10 year age gap between him and his oldest sibling so there was certainly that feeling that the responsibility level was there to handle the task. I think that's the biggest thing. I think I would pay - probably not as much as I would if I was hiring a specific babysitter though.

posted 7 years 10 months ago
It's not as though your other children would have a responsibility as such to keep an eye on their younger sibling but a treat would be nice. A babysitter could cost more anyway!

posted 6 years 7 months ago
Last edited by leokoki 6 years 6 months ago
1. I don't think that they should get paid for taking care of their young ones. A parent who does that is slowly enslaving themselves to their children. They should be responsible and should be rewarded for such. On the other hand, there will be a time when you will not be in a position to pay them either because of lack of the money or a tight budget. It will be quiet difficult to convince them otherwise in case they get used to the habit of being paid. For as long as, you ensure that the little one is in a condition that will not cause disturbance and restlessness to the older sibling watching over them. Also, encourage them to help in looking after the little ones as you rush out for important stuffs by getting them things they love. That is not a bribe but an appreciation that pops out ones in a while.

posted 6 years 7 months ago
HI there! I have seen this situation but honestly speaking, paying your older one is not a good habit. They would not take it seriously and if you ever try to give them some responsibility they will always be looking for monetary aspect. Which I am sure you understand is not good. See this is the time when you can inculcate the habit of responsibility and accountability. And if you just mix it with money, the responsibility and accountability will be nowhere to seen. I hope you understand what I am trying to explain here. My elder sister used this tactic on her older children by giving them money in return of them doing the household chores. Unfortunately her husband died and she had to start working to make the ends meet. And when she expected her children to help her, they started demanded money. So that was when she realized that whatever she did in the past was not good at all. But unfortunately she couldn’t do much about it. Ultimately she gave in because she was in urgent need of help. Later on when our family got to know of it, we confronted the kids and told them the value of money. Thankfully the older one realized the reality and pledged to help her mom and other siblings. Thereafter their monetary condition improved and now as a single parent my sister is pretty happy. That’s why dear I am trying to explain you that even if you want to pay them do not pay in cash rather choose other ways to appreciate them. Make a small achievement board at home and write it there. It will also be helpful in setting example in front of younger ones.

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