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Today I enter my 6 month

posted 8 years 1 month ago
Only a little ways to go and I can hold my son in my arms. I am excited and he is constantly reminding me that he is in there and wanting to get out. I look forward to it all. This is my fourth pregnancy. A little stressed but I am motivated to welcome it all. The pain I was having in my lower pelvic region has somewhat subsided. It is still there just not as bad or as frequently. My next check up is on the 11th. I am supposed to get a request to get studied thoroughly because my last ultrasound it was visible that I had something solid forming in my pelvic. So I am constantly worrying and praying that it won't be a problem. Who else is in their second trimester? How are you going along?

posted 8 years 1 month ago
Hey Akiram, just wishing you luck for your checkup since it's the 11th here where I am! Hoping that all went well - hopefully you'll check in with us and let us know how you and baby are doing!

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