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Should you pay your children to do their chores.

posted 8 years 3 months ago
Many people give their children money for doing different chores around the house. Some people believe that children should not be paid to do chores. How do you feel about this topic?

posted 8 years 3 months ago
When I was growing up, I always had an allowance and I had specific chores to do in order to earn the allowance. I am not sure what is the right answer since I have read about this subject before. I never really thought about getting paid to do chores or if I was paid for good behavior throughout the week. I guess either way you look at it it is a bribe to get your children to do something they should be doing because they are a part of the family and each member have to do their part to keep it running smoothly. I would say that it is personal preference whether to pay them for chores or not.

posted 8 years 3 months ago
I would not pay my children to do chores because it is something they must learn to do sooner than later. Chores are ways of training a child who will grow up one day to live on their own. This way, the child learns to take care of himself by cleaning, tidying and laundry.
When the child is in a relationship, his cleaning and organization habits will be much appreciated by his/her partner.

Chores are not ways of punishing your child, rather, a way of raising them to be responsible individuals.

posted 8 years 3 months ago
When I was growing up, my mom had a system where she would have my chores on a list with the days of the week and blocks next to it. She would check my chores each day and give it a tick or cross if I did or didn't do the chores. At the end of the week, she would give me a reward for each full line of ticks. The reward would be my choice, either money, extra TV time, a toy or something I really wanted. If I went through the whole month with no crosses on the list, I would get money that would go into a savings account my mom set up for me. That would be savings for December, so that I can either have some spending money on the holiday or when I got a little older, to buy Christmas gifts for the family. The choice was also mine with what I do with the saved money. Usually, I would buy small gifts and have spending money for the holiday as well. Back then I didn't like the system, I always thought, "why can't I just get an allowance like other kids?". But thinking back now, it really taught me the value of money and to work towards a goal. I'm sure I would probably implement this when my LO is old enough to start doing chores.

posted 8 years 3 months ago
I do not mind others doing this, as different people have different parenting styles and methods, but I'd definitely not going to do this to my children.

Doing the house chores is not mother's and father's responsibilities, it should be all of us who stay in this house. I always told my children, it's our home, we love it hence we take good care of it, that's why we do those house chores to make sure it's in good condition. It's the same as taking care of our children, we don't get paid by taking care of them, we do it with love. I don't want to make them feel that doing house chores is troublesome, but we do them because of love.

Because of this mindset, hence I won't pay my children for doing house chores.

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