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Little Ones Daily Routine

posted 8 years 1 month ago
What does your day at home look like? Do you follow a routine or go with the flow? How do you fill the hours with your little ones?

I have always struggled filling the day with activities and was so happy once the structured hours of preschool started! Even now I struggle with the few hours before dinner, bath, books and bed. The t.v. is always beckoning, and sometimes it's hard to keep it off.

What do you guys do through out the day? Do you have a schedule of events you follow?

posted 8 years 1 month ago
A normal day routine for me and my kids would be start with making the bed. My littles ones and I share a bed so they help me put it away. Its a the morning chore. I will put on some kind of movie they like while I get breakfast ready. Depending on circumstances I will give the kids a bath before or after breakfast. I have three daughters so as you can imagine this might take a bit of time. Afterwards kids play while I clean up. I will clean while preparing lunch early afterwards I can sit and bond with them until lunch time. We will joke or dance or color, whatever activity fits the mood. We will have lunch and the kids will watch tv again for a little bit. Then it's nap time. I can use this time for my self and hygiene needs or sleep. Whatever out weighs the other. When the kids wake up they go out and play with other kids til I call them in. Dinner. Kids get cleaned and ready for bed and a movie before sleep.

posted 8 years 1 month ago
I'm exhausted after playing games with my two boys Very happy They have souch of energy. We must always have some activities, because they are boring and nervous if we don't. My favourite day is playing outside with them Very happy

posted 8 years 1 month ago
I have never been able to make a set schedule at home. I am just not that organized and have always envied those that are. I would just go with the flow and let it play out as the day went on. We had different activities like painting, drawing, and playing school or restaurant. We would eat when we were hungry and then we would usually take a nap after lunch. It was a lot easier to have a structured day when they went to school. But I do miss the days of all of us taking a nap together.

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