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Tips and advice about parenting of children aged 3+

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Ldb20Father Christmas has been banished by 3yo
started by Ldb20
0 1 week ago
by Ldb20
Lyndaloojm14 yr girl. Stuck in the middle
started by Lyndaloojm
0 1 week ago
by Lyndaloojm
Motherof25 year old never satisfied with ANYTHING
started by Motherof2
0 3 weeks ago
by Motherof2
started by SpheD
0 1 month ago
by SpheD
JM37 year old uses a dummy
started by JM3
0 1 month ago
by JM3
Woodshutts12Home difficulties
started by Woodshutts12
2 2 months ago
by LiW
LoopsDaughters Operation
started by Loops
1 2 months ago
by LiW
cutypie26My sister did not come home after a fight with my mom.
started by cutypie26
2 2 months ago
by LiW
lovely83I heard my mom and dad fighting last night. Should I do?
started by lovely83
3 2 months ago
by LiW
CoffeeAddictAm I mad? 9-10 year age gap between kids.
started by CoffeeAddict
1 2 months ago
by LiW
danielle20118 year old jelousy
started by danielle2011
2 2 months ago
by LiW
CranberryJoie elevate seat loose in xsara picasso (06 plate) middseat
started by Cranberry
3 7 months ago
by Rob
NeonladybirdMy stepson has a mother who constantly let's him down
started by Neonladybird
2 7 months ago
by Neonladybird
DaltonDanBeing a Step-Dad
started by DaltonDan
2 8 months ago
by Caguioa747
ranger14 year old not fully toilet trained
started by ranger1
0 8 months ago
by ranger1
BarbieDollDo you sleep in the same bed as your children?
started by BarbieDoll - 1, 2
22 9 months ago
by BoysMum
rmayersMy kid started to vape. Does somebody has the same problem?
started by rmayers
2 10 months ago
by rmayers
Rlcj124Blended family troubles here
started by Rlcj124
1 10 months ago
by Mommaof591
LihraHELP need lots of advice!!!!!!!!!
started by Lihra
12 1 year ago
by qiaraau
ocheizHow do you want to be treated?
started by ocheiz
1 1 year ago
by Marymounts
gps2714Clarks School shoes
started by gps2714
0 1 year ago
by gps2714
zak_awanSleep Routine advice, son doesn't sleep at decent time.
started by zak_awan
0 1 year ago
by zak_awan
floujjOnline Christmas List Suggestions
started by floujj
3 1 year ago
by polyswarms
sweetmommyMy daughter is growing up too fast.
started by sweetmommy
3 1 year ago
by denisehilton
juliannedsMultipurpose educational toys
started by julianneds
1 1 year ago
by greline
Billy123Trouble with starting school and the ex
started by Billy123
0 1 year ago
by Billy123
wifeyhereMy husband and I can't agree on our baby's name.
started by wifeyhere
1 1 year ago
by Diana1998
charlsanTeacher refused to let daughter go to the toilet
started by charlsan
1 1 year ago
by Kammy
theosilverPhones at mealtimes
started by theosilver
1 1 year ago
by Kammy
SandraparkerMy little son is 3 and he is becoming rebellious day by day
started by Sandraparker
3 1 year ago
by Hina
nikkyjTeaching a Child to Read at an Early Age
started by nikkyj
2 1 year ago
by mariajanes
babystrollerHow can I thank parents for doing a fantastic job?
started by babystroller
2 1 year ago
by Brooklyn
Wendy92The kids don't want to play with my daughter.
started by Wendy92
1 1 year ago
by mariajanes
Akiram13Children with cellphones, tablets etc
started by Akiram13
14 1 year ago
by mariajanes
MonicaAm I a bad mom for letting my kid play on smartphone?
started by Monica
1 2 years ago
by Diana1998
Akiram13new creative activities
started by Akiram13
8 2 years ago
by rainydaysfun
manicmumHow to keep the kids entertained during wet weekends?
started by manicmum
15 2 years ago
by rainydaysfun
MMartellTantrums go away!
started by MMartell
0 2 years ago
by MMartell
angelsmomi just dont know what to do or say!
started by angelsmom
10 2 years ago
by Trinity
leahangelaBest car seat to use?
started by leahangela
1 2 years ago
by johigarcia
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