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Special Needs Parenting Forum

For parents of children with special needs

Topics Replies Last Reply
LvMyFmly5Parents of teens with disabilities
started by LvMyFmly5
6 1 week ago
by jamesandson
HappygalAny Parents With Children With Autism??
started by Happygal
3 1 month ago
by jameskent123
Dans3444Balancing Self-Care and Caregiving
started by Dans3444
1 1 month ago
by jameskent123
Dans3444Advocating for Your Child's Education
started by Dans3444
0 3 months ago
by Dans3444
WidowRaising a child with Down Syndrome
started by Widow
9 2 years ago
by Elissa38
ArmyrielyGetting my child with aps to talk more
started by Armyriely
5 2 years ago
by Elissa38
WarwickUniDo you have a child with separation anxiety?
started by WarwickUni
1 2 years ago
by Elissa38
Carla2205Does my son qualify for IEP or ECHP?
started by Carla2205
1 2 years ago
by Elissa38
neneth15 Truths Of Parenting Special Needs Kids
started by neneth
1 2 years ago
by Elissa38
adriansmumDo sensory toys actually help children with autism?
started by adriansmum
1 2 years ago
by Elissa38
MummyLEhcp at school (lack of)
started by MummyL
0 4 years ago
by MummyL
Maggie674try to think before you speak.
started by Maggie674
2 5 years ago
by greline
Akiram13looking out for?
started by Akiram13
7 5 years ago
by Eliz
kimmyjinYou are a therapist, nurse, doctor, friend, and confidante
started by kimmyjin
0 5 years ago
by kimmyjin
leokokiHappy to be here
started by leokoki
0 6 years ago
by leokoki
started by slice
16 7 years ago
by rz3300
crystalpaulaproblems with adhd
started by crystalpaula
8 7 years ago
by morgoodie
cmr0329Parents of 2-4 year olds w/ASD - early intervention research
started by cmr0329
0 8 years ago
by cmr0329
cancer66new to jp
started by cancer66
5 1 decade ago
by matsuken
chocolatladybabys born with cleft palate
started by chocolatlady
2 1 decade ago
by matsuken
milkymumAnyone else got kiddies with epilepsy?
started by milkymum
1 1 decade ago
by milkymum
sliceSensory Processing Disorder, Any advice would be great!!!
started by slice
2 1 decade ago
by patriciaryan
trulliTips aand advice wanted!
started by trulli
11 1 decade ago
by trulli
LucyAnyone know anything that can help?
started by Lucy
9 1 decade ago
by milkymum
amirgrossWorkshop for parents of dyslexic children
started by amirgross
0 1 decade ago
by amirgross
crystalpaulagetting children diagnosed
started by crystalpaula
4 1 decade ago
by slice
shellytantrums with dyslexia?
started by shelly
2 1 decade ago
by Lucy
mommytobe09Concerned. . . .
started by mommytobe09
3 1 decade ago
by candgsmum
angel_babyim not sure if i need to post here,
started by angel_baby
6 1 decade ago
by angel_baby
face_Well finally some news...
started by face_
4 1 decade ago
by face_
face_Daughter might have a learning disablitiy.....
started by face_
8 1 decade ago
by staceyb
RilithDowns Syndrome
started by Rilith
4 1 decade ago
by Rilith
started by YUMMYMUMMY83
0 1 decade ago
kerryann71protein mutations link to autism (bbc news )
started by kerryann71
2 1 decade ago
by sassy_k
started by Lilly
1 1 decade ago
by slice
cavalierangeHelp! Daughter Has Been Kicked out of College! What do I do?
started by cavalierange
4 1 decade ago
by catgirl_872
started by Emilysmum
4 1 decade ago
by Emilysmum
hapydazyIntroduction and questions about Tourette's Syndrome
started by hapydazy
5 1 decade ago
by hapydazy
started by Babs
7 1 decade ago
by sparkle
DanielleDriving me insane!
started by Danielle
10 1 decade ago
by CathyG
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