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Relationship Advice Forum

Relationships, marriage and divorce

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hapydazyCan you name and describe your past relationships?
started by hapydazy - 1, 2
25 5 days ago
by punumsalo
MariposaDate Night Ideas?
started by Mariposa
9 5 months ago
by AmberLarson
nooraI think my DH is cheating on me
started by noora
4 6 months ago
by noora
kacalhounDo I have the right to be upset?
started by kacalhoun - 1, 2
23 7 months ago
by kellyK1
dean1987I need help with my relationship
started by dean1987
2 8 months ago
by leokoki
MMartellNeed to Impress my Significant Other...
started by MMartell
1 8 months ago
by MMartell
01stworldvieBreakups and Revenge
started by 01stworldvie
2 9 months ago
by gin
BarbieDollThe Trophy Wife
started by BarbieDoll
7 2 years ago
by missiemouse
LittleLadyTI don't know what to think, violent sex, help!
started by LittleLadyT
4 2 years ago
by morgoodie
mikeaI want her back so badly
started by mikea
1 2 years ago
by Hozybo
RavenLilyLoving the "normal" way: Am I just doomed?
started by RavenLily
8 2 years ago
by Hozybo
irishyeatsWhat happened? In love.. then nothing!?
started by irishyeats
2 2 years ago
by irishyeats
Akiram13suffocation of bitterness
started by Akiram13
4 2 years ago
by Arthnel
jeaTelling of lies
started by jea
3 2 years ago
by darkchild
WidowBeing able to communicate
started by Widow
9 2 years ago
by morgoodie
dalzieleoneLetting go of a step daughter
started by dalzieleone
3 2 years ago
by darkchild
catgirl_872Jealous of ex girlfriend
started by catgirl_872
7 2 years ago
by thash1979
Craig010272Ex-Girlfriend needs help badly but shutters are down
started by Craig010272
2 2 years ago
by Vickie
simplethingsFather wants to hand his rights over
started by simplethings
3 2 years ago
by Vickie
JaycjayWhat to doStuck in a rut not sure what to do
started by Jaycjay
1 5 years ago
by GTTkel
GTTkelWhat do you all think?
started by GTTkel
11 6 years ago
by Sammie86
CeeCeeSmother-in-law is driving me insane!!!!
started by CeeCee
1 6 years ago
by GTTkel
chick11Im feeling so down over him!!!
started by chick11
1 6 years ago
by GTTkel
dora470Problem with her Attitude
started by dora470
0 7 years ago
by dora470
AidansMummyHow do i get him to understand
started by AidansMummy
5 7 years ago
by marieluy143
dbongoConfused and Worried - Will I Love My Child?
started by dbongo
3 7 years ago
by starlight
L_GNew partner cheating / trust issues.
started by L_G
2 7 years ago
by GTTkel
milkymumI just messed up again
started by milkymum
1 7 years ago
by matsuken
jrbo579Betrayed and upset. Need advice. Help please!!!
started by jrbo579
4 7 years ago
by DynamicCity
drumemrguy10An extremely confusing situation!
started by drumemrguy10
1 8 years ago
by jaymc
devildarkbefore sex; please help me
started by devildark
4 8 years ago
by skysoldier
horizonmikeWhere do I go from here?
started by horizonmike
3 8 years ago
by GTTkel
lizzy757Feeling very low
started by lizzy757
0 8 years ago
by lizzy757
GlenLong story...advice is much appreciated
started by Glen
0 8 years ago
by Glen
wannabemum89Staying the night..
started by wannabemum89
11 8 years ago
by lawliet
milkymumI'm getting married well renewing vowls
started by milkymum
2 8 years ago
by lawliet
fiona27976i feel like giving up and tired of trying
started by fiona27976
8 8 years ago
by lawliet
orc30Am I being unreasonable
started by orc30
7 8 years ago
by Alex
PugsVery very sad & so unhappy
started by Pugs
5 8 years ago
by Pugs
qwertydont know what to do
started by qwerty
1 9 years ago
by hapydazy
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