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2nd Trimester Forum

For advice during weeks 13-26 of pregnancy

Topics Replies Last Reply
Toni05Any lovely ladies Due in March?
started by Toni05
1 2 weeks ago
by Toni05
martaandyI am pregnant by mistake
started by martaandy
6 1 year ago
by neana
Maggie674I am worried hope you are getting my point.
started by Maggie674
7 1 year ago
by SandraSmeltz
cornyhashshould we go for Surrogacy or Adoption?
started by cornyhash
8 1 year ago
by Elizabethjon
kimmyjinending my 16th week
started by kimmyjin
0 1 year ago
by kimmyjin
nadaabnormal ultrasound
started by nada
0 3 years ago
by nada
Akiram13pelvic pain should i be concerned
started by Akiram13
2 3 years ago
by missiemouse
Akiram13Bigger or smaller than you expected?
started by Akiram13
5 3 years ago
by Amelia88
Akiram13Feels like sleeping beauty
started by Akiram13
6 3 years ago
by Akiram13
Akiram13Today I enter my 6 month
started by Akiram13
1 3 years ago
by Amelia88
Akiram13Is you baby a kicker?
started by Akiram13
4 3 years ago
by jhay
Amelia88Did you find out your baby's gender?
started by Amelia88
9 3 years ago
by darkchild
Akiram13Fourth baby, frequent pains.
started by Akiram13
0 3 years ago
by Akiram13
Amelia88The Glucose Test
started by Amelia88
1 3 years ago
by Widow
RachwNew to pregnancy and this page
started by Rachw
3 3 years ago
by kristine403
karmasmummyplease help. can I love my baby?
started by karmasmummy
4 7 years ago
by Ailove
GemmaD84December due dates
started by GemmaD84
0 7 years ago
by GemmaD84
jeaScan yesterday and a new date!
started by jea
0 8 years ago
by jea
JessicaC2010Any October momies?
started by JessicaC2010
2 8 years ago
by sammyb0110
bunnigirlhello all 17 weeks now
started by bunnigirl
2 9 years ago
by candgsmum
bunnigirlgodi am in here now
started by bunnigirl
0 9 years ago
by bunnigirl
donna0803my babys head is low
started by donna0803
3 9 years ago
by candgsmum
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