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General chat and advice about pregnancy

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Дом умный освещение
started by
0 1 month ago
sabine2020adoption wanted
started by sabine2020
0 1 year ago
by sabine2020
carolyn37b63 days since last period, negative pregancy test
started by carolyn37b
19 2 years ago
by Msmajor90
chantelle26I got pregnant and I don't know who the father is.
started by chantelle26
3 2 years ago
by dado3
BbbiBbiMaternity Knickers
started by BbbiBbi
1 2 years ago
by olivermas
JwestonDesperate for help please :(
started by Jweston
0 2 years ago
by Jweston
rach83sickness and headaches in 31st week any one experianced this
started by rach83
2 2 years ago
by NavyaSharma
AyanabenAm I silly to think I am pregnant?
started by Ayanaben
2 3 years ago
by Ayanaben
Polina22Marijuana and Pregnancy
started by Polina22
6 3 years ago
by Caguioa747
RananoumanBad Doctors ( Gynecologist ) in our country.
started by Rananouman
0 3 years ago
by Rananouman
MortedFinally Found the Midwife for Us!
started by Morted
3 3 years ago
by jasenhudson5
WixskayThin uterus lining and pregnant
started by Wixskay
3 3 years ago
by jasenhudson5
Chelc_xxNeed advice help....
started by Chelc_xx
1 3 years ago
by jasenhudson5
sawright treatment for infertility
started by saw
9 3 years ago
by jasenhudson5
Aliya865What are the chances that I'll be pregnant?
started by Aliya865
6 3 years ago
by jasenhudson5
Neha5Abdominal pain during pregnancy
started by Neha5
1 3 years ago
by jasenhudson5
Lue-loveNew mommy alert!
started by Lue-love
3 3 years ago
by jasenhudson5
nooraneed to hear your thoughts!
started by noora
8 3 years ago
by Diana1998
started by kimbe
8 4 years ago
by jamesbrownie
shilyIam a TTC Mom for past three years. This year I was diagnose
started by shily
4 4 years ago
by ezabel
Rachel1983Can it be real?
started by Rachel1983
3 4 years ago
by AliciaJuarez
lou123Morning after pill & ovulation...worried!!!
started by lou123
0 4 years ago
by lou123
number2cominjust popping in
started by number2comin
8 4 years ago
by noora
ssofiawestI have been facing infertility
started by ssofiawest
6 4 years ago
by Stacy11
BeckyDue date thread
started by Becky - 1...8, 9, 10
183 4 years ago
by melisaadams
mummyheathBirth Stories of JP members
started by mummyheath - 1, 2, 3, 4
64 4 years ago
by johigarcia
toyI felt I was very late to sire my own kid.
started by toy
0 4 years ago
by toy
Queen_wizz62days since last period
started by Queen_wizz
3 4 years ago
by KatyKate
kim9my ovaries fail to release ova
started by kim9
0 4 years ago
by kim9
toyalcoholic beverages
started by toy
0 4 years ago
by toy
Tiarne97Confused as to weather or not I'm pregnant
started by Tiarne97
2 4 years ago
by saurab015
marvisregorWill GIFT provide a lasting solution?
started by marvisregor
0 5 years ago
by marvisregor
lindsay90Lack of maternity fashion on the high street?
started by lindsay90
0 5 years ago
by lindsay90
Lianneh86Early Pregnancy
started by Lianneh86
2 5 years ago
by Lianneh86
Kctks2018Starting first cycle of IVF
started by Kctks2018
0 5 years ago
by Kctks2018
KatiekakesCan't stop thinking that I'll miscarriage again.
started by Katiekakes
0 5 years ago
by Katiekakes
HmainlDay 49 no AF 3 bfn's
started by Hmainl
0 5 years ago
by Hmainl
clodet75Pregnant and considering adoption for my baby
started by clodet75
0 5 years ago
by clodet75
Reddsunn63 days late ...what's going on ?
started by Reddsunn
0 6 years ago
by Reddsunn
AlixFoxGuardian podcast on conception, pregnancy, parenthood &
started by AlixFox
0 6 years ago
by AlixFox
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