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Men...What are they used for again?

Okay so here i am blogging again, and last time i promised myself it would only be used to note the good times through having this baby. However i feel a little crappy so i figure i'll get it out here. :evil:
So after 'daddies' fantastically timed 'its me or the baby' question, i finally had an answer for him last night. It was weird because deep down i always knew what i wanted i just desperately didn't want to lose him, and therefore avoided even being honest with myself. It's amazing how much you can lie to…

2 comments Posted by becca23254 1 decade 6 years ago

The Beginning Of New Life.

So today is Monday, I found out i was expecting on Thursday of last week and well, what a huge bundle of stress these last few days have been. I never realised something so little could cause such an ordeal.
Whether that be the utterly useless father-to-be, endless 'advice' (I'm sorry but no you telling me im wrong is not helping!) or for that matter my obviously clueless man doctor.
So far there has been a lot of debate on whether i should have an abortion, i have never felt so let down by one person in my life.…

0 comments Posted by becca23254 1 decade 6 years ago

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