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Why You Need To Keep an Eye on Your Child’s Social Media Activity

With the technology intensification in recent years, our lives have been totally altered. Starting from a simple life people used to live, now people are doing every weird thing possible. When you see a man piercing his face or dying his hair yellow nowadays, it won’t be odd, it would be fashion. That’s how deep the society is into fashion and technology which has changed our lives.

What provides the basic medium for all this is the internet. Social media websites like Facebook, twitter, linked in etc. are where people gather to show themselves off with these so-called cool things. Whether it’s your new dress or your most trifling and stupid thoughts, you put it up on Facebook and get millions of likes. I don’t know about anyone else, but these social media websites have surely increased difficulties for parents as they have to keep an eye on their children’s activities on these websites. Wondering why you need to do that? Following are some of the main reasons why you need to monitor your child’s social media activity.

Irrational Relationships

Children nowadays are more developed and evolved than our adults. Well, that’s what they think. Every parent knows the little, foolish and immature kid in their teenagers. That’s why parents care for them. With so many people on social media with whom you can contact so easily, children get caught in irrational relationships. They don’t really get to know who they are talking to and who is the person they share so much about their life with.
These relationships don’t only keep them from doing better in their education but also disable them from giving proper time to things they actually need to do. At first, they are not able to do their homework, after that they miss classes and in the end, they won’t want to go to college altogether. On the other side, these silly relationships get stronger with time and when they break, they break their hearts too. That’s why parents need to know who their children are making bonds with because, in the end, it’s their children who are going to feel bad about it. By monitoring your child’s social media, you can help them choose the right friend and tell them who the bad guys are. In this way, you can help them avoid any stupid relationships they might make and get broken afterward.


Bullying won’t leave you if you are the ten-year-old kid or a forty-year-old worker. Everyone faces bullying in their lives and doesn’t know what to do about it. With these social media websites, bullying has been taken to whole new level; cyber-bullying. Cyber bullying is the practice of bullying over the internet, especially and essentially, on social media websites.
Cyber bullying not only decreases a child’s ability to perform well in academics but also lessens his confidence and self-esteem. Not only this, cyber bullying affects your child’s personality and place in society also which eventually ends in them, becoming a sociopath. No parent would want that. That’s why as a parent, you need to keep an eye on your child’s social media activity like statuses, pictures and messages etc. on Facebook and other social media websites. This will allow you to know if your child is being bullied at school or over the internet and you can easily help out your child.

An Open Platform

Social media websites are an open platform. Everyone who’s anyone can reach your child. Whether it’s the bad boys in your child’s college or some perverts in the street, be it a criminal or a fraud, your child is not safe around these people. That’s why you need to put your attention on your child’s social media goings-on so that you can nib anything that might be damaging to your child in any way.

How to Do It?

Now that you know that why looking up your child’s internet activity is so important, you must be wondering how to do that. Well, all you need to do is to buy a children monitoring app and install it on your child’s mobile. It will tell you everything your child does, starting from the call logs, messages, pictures to the social media activity, Whatsapp messages etc. So what are you waiting for? Have a mobile tracker for your child and ensure their online safety.

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