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Tips to Teens, Teachers and Parents

How you could give advice to young people or teachers or parents so that today's young people achieve your successes
Parents play a key role in helping young achieve success in their life. It's always the family who supports, and they have to support the young. Parents should support them by being informed and giving a little support and of course, guidance as well.
Young people after a certain age start seeking independence, and there is nothing amiss with it. But mind you, too much of freedom or independence may spoil your child at the same time.
Make sure you are not overprotective towards your child, nor too lenient. Your child should not feel suffocated under you.
Most schools and colleges during the academic year invite parents for a meet. You may feel nervous, irritated, and anxious for the meet. Don’t panic, if you have received a message for a meet. Broadly speaking, a parent-teacher conference is led for a beneficial alliance between parents and instructors. This will be easy for you as a parent to understand, what problem your child is facing in academics or in school.
If you recognize your child’s problem or where is your child lacking, it will be comfortable for you to resolve it, and get your child the best.
It is an advice that you as a parent, start being friendly with your child after the age of 14-15 years old. You know, they become comfortable with friends at this age, so if you are one of their friends then, you are a great parent.
I have found some points for your young’s success:
1. Serving them with high quality mentors
It would be great if you can serve them a highly qualified mentor or a guide. A soul who is a full motivator, not with discouraging attitude, a great encourager, a confident person, who will figure and bring out the best in your youngster.
A liberal minded individual, who will be a dependable ally, a sympathizer, a teacher, and of course with a paternal position. Such kind of a person will surely develop your young’s skills and will make your child a valuable person for the rest of their life.
Most, best mentors are those who motivates and empowers your child to be their own guide, who encourages your child to be a self-motivator.
A good mentor, will be no lesser than a parent. Sometimes, children don’t produce a right motivation or guidance and they end up taking the incorrect course. This mostly occurs with parents who doesn’t worry about what their child is exercising, or sometimes the parents who endure the life of their kids to their wisdom, who doesn’t interfere a lot. Essentially, the kid is making too much of freedom, which is not good.
Even if the parents are too serious and too lenient, the child should understand and be honest and choose the right for themselves. Be certain that your child is going the right direction and also much of freedom is right, but not with every child, and too much of restrictions are also not good.
Everything counts when it occurs to a teen life, their kinsfolk, which is the main influence, the family behaviour and attitude can shift your child psychology or behaviour. The home ambience should be very positive for a teenager. Even if you experience problems, or critical conditions at your household, don’t merely construct it a heavy issue, don’t give up, try to face it like a big businessman, this never give up attitude will generate positive motivation in your kids.
The school or college, the friends, even that matters, students or teens should not be demotivated at any level of the spot. Even if they are not performing well in their subject areas, they might be proficient at something else. Studies is not everything, it is just a knowledge building route to an individual, but remember, knowledge can be built up in other ways too.
Allies can be another great influencers, good friends’ good impact, and bad friends’ bad impact, as simple as that. I have friends who are very encouraging and motivating, I had been done a great deal, but my family and acquaintances were all time with me, they never discourage me for my actions. It depends if I am doing right, they will be with me. If they imagine I am not doing something mighty, they try to counsel me, suggest me, but when I explain them the movement behind it they again become my friends.
It is just a message to today’s teen, whatever you do, be sure to face the events of it. Earlier, using up any step think, think and think, if you should actually practice it. If you feel that you shouldn’t do it, just don’t do it, even if it affects the people around you. People don’t recognize what you really need, what you are actually wishing, family or friends or teachers sometimes don’t pay you what you ask, they just pay you what they feel is good for you, but that might not be right for you.
Be certain of your decisions youngsters. In the end, no one cares, it is your life, and it comes along with you, where you need it.

2. Build their interpersonal skills
Interpersonal skills are nothing but an ability of being self-confident. Interpersonal skills enable youth to get more positive throughout their lifetime. It also permits them to introduce themselves properly, you know, even after being 35 or 40 years old, we sometimes neglect to introduce ourselves when it comes to aliens. This occurs because of low interpersonal skills.
This will as well assist them to conduct on a conversation, observe others, empathize instead of sympathize, help others and doesn’t pause to inquire for assistance from others.
This skills supports them to be more diversified, and resolve conflicts and confusions on their own.

3. Encourage your kids to live an active lifestyle
Promoting the young is very important. Particularly, when it comes to their lifespan. You must encourage your youngster for a better tomorrow. The kids might not request you to prompt them, but when you do they will feel blessed.
Making your child an active and a salubrious life style is what they demand throughout their lifespan. Healthy life doesn’t just mean your young should eat well, but also should remain fit.
Be indisputable of your child’s involvement. Some may love singing, some may love music instruments, and some may love fights that is kick boxing or martial arts.
Physical activities like Gymnastics and sports does not only make them healthier in muscles, bones and joints, but also offers a stimulated and a strong active mind.
A sport like golf or pool is the best game that the children can play throughout their lives.

4. Goal Setting
We all set out goals, nowadays, even an 8 or 9 yr old sets goal to achieve. Parents might have goals for their kids to become an Architect or a Doctor. But, your child might apply a different destination, she probably wants to become a dancer and not doctor.
Whatever your child’s goal is, guide them through. Do not impose your dreams on them. They will feel pressurized, you can be lucky if your child wants to fulfil your dreams, but not every child is the same.
Teach them how to set goals, what will be the steps to achieve it, which path should they opt to accomplish their goal, what methods and drills they should take to achieve their target.
Try to teach them how to set short goals first, short goals are nothing but easy goals, which will boost your child with confidence and will also guide your youngster to be self-dependant.
Setting goals is very important for one. The path you choose is far more important than working down a goal. It is necessary that you opt for the right path and not doing things in urge.
Children set goals, but they frequently start out thrown about the stairs and the path to reach the end. For instance, “She wants to become a choreographer, she is sure about it, but she doesn’t know what to do to become one, she has talent, she dances, awesome, but she doesn’t how to use her skill or natural endowment to suit what she desires, she is confused on what steps to take, whom to approach”.
Just like the example provided, even your child can be in confusion. You might not desire your kid to be in this disarray. Try to talk to your child about what they want to become or what is their short term goal, short term goals can be anything, to win the semi-final football match which is going to be conducted in their school in the next couple of months, or it can be the scores they want to achieve in their quarterly exams, or even it can be about their interest as well, your child is probably a good poet and wants to publish the first poem on the internet, a good speaker or a singer may be, wants to sing the first song in shows and get applause.

5. Managing Emotions
We all have feelings and emotions. Sometimes, we are clear on how to handle emotions, but the other times we just blow up. It is significant to cognize how to handle emotions. Managing our feelings and emotions are neither easy nor hard. Teens, just blow up sometimes.
For example, I am a short tempered individual. I do explode when my anger reaches the point. This is what goes on with today’s teen.
Why get along we have to respond to everything? Is there a need for that? Are we affected by it?
Handling your emotions is very important, as this will be your way to view everything positively. Sometimes, we just react and don’t believe, after that moment, we repent, why did we even respond to this?
We all face issues, problems and challenges, and we should know how to respond to things. I see, the problem of short tempered teens, but think whether you actually need to react in stupid places.
If your child is short tempered, try leading them through anger management publications. You will get many video clips of it. Prepare your child read good scripts, like empowering, motivating, life approaching books, which will convert your child’s attitude towards life and places.
We don’t be positive all the time. Merely, it is significant that we are positive every time, and that is life. Everyone has problems, some people simply react to it too stupidly or extremely and some don’t react at all, or so just don’t take measures and some just pass up.
Teenage is the most enjoyable age of your liveliness. You will have challenges, family troubles, household conditions, personal matters or financial conditions, disability or anything, make sure you DON’T GIVE UP, at any situation of your liveliness. We sometimes just stop things at this age, but remember, this is the age when life proves you and your capability, make certain you contribute your best to your life, and not just throw in the towel.
More or less simply want to terminate their life exactly because they suffer troubles, challenges that are not reachable for them, which are out of their ability. Recall, no problem is out of your ability children, if you exploit a bit hard on obtaining the answer.
You may be conceiving, to give advice is an easy task, but to go through and utilize it in our spirit is difficult, and insufferable when we suffer troubles. It is naught like that, even I have confronted troubles, you should know when and where to react, how to treat the position, this entirely depends on you.
Make sure you live your life to the widest! Don’t die unsatisfactorily!

6. The Value of Being a Good Student
Values are very important to us to follow in our life. Values are the root who teaches us how exactly we should hold out our life. Being a scholar is harder than being anyone else. Good student is who learns good things. In fact, we are all student of our lifetime. Life teaches us doesn’t it? People guess that to be a serious pupil, one needs to score a big brand. That's just not the thing to do. If you score 98% and if you cannot honor your parents then you are nothing.
Good student is who is an all-rounder, who is well disciplined in all conditions. Respecting other beings. Foremost, we are all a citizen of our country, after this citizen responsibility is met, we become students. Education is just the part of our life. Knowledge can be gained from anywhere. Life teaches us at every stage of our lifetime.
A good apprentice is an honest scholar!

7. The Set of Morals & Values
You need to instill a set of values and morals in your child. Ethics and values are something very important for our lifetime. Being immoral is abusing, being disrespectful, being undisciplined, and when you guide your youngster with good set of values, which implies you are directing your child for a swell liveliness.
Values take them the right path, when they watch it. But this doesn’t mean values doesn’t apply for parents and seniors. Values are for everyone, every individual should conform to certain principles and set of values for a complete life.
It is important for an excellent lifespan. When an individual sticks with these values and ethical motive, it will direct them to make a big eccentric, will aid them in developing values and it will stand them in taking good decisions in their future.
To inculcate good values in your youngsters, every parent must follow the same values in front of your kids. Children learn from their elders, friends, siblings, parents, neighbors and certainly from their environment. You as a parent cannot change your neighbors or the other elders or your environment, merely you can certainly alter your home ambiance and air.
Being in quarrels all the time, abusing each other, disrespecting someone, being dazed, being irresponsible, negligent, and these features of yours can involve your small fry in a negative aspect in the remainder of their lifetime.
Never lose your temper in front of your kids. Be loving with everyone. Don't be miserable all the time. Instruct your kid how to smile, even in problems. Instruct your youngster how to win genuinely, and teach them to never give up, never, ever!
This positive feature of yours will ultimately get your child a confident soul. The self-confidence will be automatically built with your kid. Other core values such as honesty, unity, respect, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy and judgment.
Lead your child to the correct track! Being a parent understand your children, their problems, their issues, their blockages, and help them solve it, and not pressurize them for your blockages.
Be the right mentor, a great friend and a loving parent for your kid!

Tips for the adolescents:
1. Do well in your studies
Today, at this age studies are something real important. I completely know education or a subject can be irksome, but being educated will help you in the long run of your liveliness. You might not understand the importance of education now.
Education portrays you as a productive member in the society. It gives you status and respect. Aim for excellence in school. Make your best, listen to your teachers and lecturers. Perform your best in studies, and obtain good degrees. Idea, getting good grades is not important, acquiring great knowledge is significant. Grades don’t help you in the long run, but your knowledge and skills will facilitate you in the long run.
Don’t study for marks, study for your future, understand a concept when studying, don’t just by-heart your answers.
High school and colleges set you up on the right track.

2. Apply to be a volunteer
Volunteering will help your emotions and mental health to be potent and sound. It will not only improve your environment, but also your skills and responsibilities towards society. Psychology says that, people who volunteer in things are less likely to develop to depression or anxiety and emotional issues.
The study also states, that people who don’t volunteer in things are more probable to develop depression and other mental instabilities. You can get some volunteer opportunities that interest you, it can be anything, and it can be like volunteering at an animal shelter or volunteering at an old age home.
If you like serving others, then you should probably volunteer in an orphanage or in an old long time home. Old age people and children bring a smile on our face. These are actions which will maintain you healthy and refreshed all the time.
You can also assist the environment by planting the trees, it is not necessary that only government should contain up the obligations of the country or a land, it is also a duty of every citizen to take up social responsibilities and environmental obligations.
When you serve others you will feel better about yourself, you will feel start feeling proud that you are causing a difference in the universe, and this is some great tone.
I do work for NGO’s in my spare time. You also should try sometime!

3. Figure Out Goals and Work Hard
At the age of 17 and 18, you must be certain of what you exactly need in life. This is the turning point of your liveliness. Figuring out things at this age will boost your self-assurance. Know your goals and run hard towards it.
To lay out goals, first identify what you want to become, what interests you the more, and what makes you happy, or what you love the most. Some may enjoy writing, it might be making them feel complete and it might be relaxing them, then the person should probably come into journalism or make a career in authorship.
Some may own an involvement in football, or love playing football, then the individual can become a football player.
Always have a backup plan when setting up a goal. Goals should never change, you may change your paths or stairs but.
Try achieving short term goals, this will boost your confidence and build up self-addiction. Try being a strong worker. Running hard in achieving the goals, should be your main motto.
I understand there will be other social commitments as well, but put up a particular time for everything. Be systematic and proactive. Involve in gym activities and fitness exercises as well, to keep yourself relaxed and active throughout the day.
I have noted all the successful tips and guidance for your child and for yourself, hope this will help you in reaching your aims.

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