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Screaming Baby Toddler Man Child

So we have an almost 2 year old, and I crap you not, who is smarter than our 4 and 6 year old. This kid picks up around the house all on his own and even cleans up his own messes. Our other 2, I think they might have gotten some kind of dumb gene. The last one is on her way. She will be here in October. Well to the screaming part. Since this kid is so much further in development than the other 2 turds, he lacks on speech. We tried the sign language and it didn't work for him. He has a vocabulary of a few words but understands almost everything said to him, including commands like brush your teeth and lets go potty or will you help mommy and daddy clean up. Well every night for the last few months he screams before he goes to bed. He wants his water. He wants to be tucked in, EVERY TIME HE GETS UP. He wants to be cuddled. He is a demanding child. In all fairness, he earns his "right' to be that way. His screams are usually, "MOMMA!" or "MOMMMMMMAAAAAAA!". We still don't know if he is one of those boss babies or just an intelligent arsehole. Either way, this kid has the brains of a matured adult from dining properly, to cleaning up messes and toys he finds in the wrong places. Well time to try and put him to bed, again. . . I guess I have a blog now!

Posted 5 years 10 months ago


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