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cycle of crime

I have been working for 4 years now with offenders rehabilitation department, and have noted that even when the offenders complete their supervision, some, if not most have ended up not quite achieving the goals of the treatment plan. Basically, my work revolves around the rehabilitation and empowerment of these offenders, and both plans go hand in hand. For these years I have worked, I have seem tremendous improvement for some client while the others slump back to the old offending self and partly because, the kind of empowerment was never enough. It is worthwhile to note that, some crimes are committed out of necessity, a mother who steals food does so to feed her children. Most of the offender know it in their heart that had there been an immediate way to solve their problem, they would gladly have grabbed it. It is thus unfortunate that, while we rehabilitate, it becomes automatic necessary to empower these offenders to gains means of survival. and this is where the problem is ever. the resources and protocols do not appeal. then again, most of these clients become too dependent that they will not move on until you feed them with these scarce resources which may take time to process. and down the line, the weak ones will be back in similar crimes that we deal with in the first place.
I therefore will dedicate more time in facilitating the empowerment plan and hopefully, we save a soul out in the cold.

Posted 6 years 3 months ago


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