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Domestic Managers

Domestic managers fondly known as DMs are one key ingredient to surviving the working life of women with children. They are very core to the life of children from the time mothers resume work after maternity leave to the time when the child is considered capable of assisting himself. actually they are parenting partners whose involvement with children is remunerated. a DM may be a resident in their work place or a non resident who is able to manage to report very early to take over from the employer the responsibility of running the home during the day.
There are many issues that surrounds the choice of the DM especially when they have to look after child(ren). Personally, i always ensure that i have a bit of the persons historical background and document verification to ensure i am dealing the the person they say they are. An ID is verified on the Government authenticated platform, eg in Kenya we have E-citizen where you can verify the ID no and the face of the person if they are captured and real. there are many people walking around with fake identities.
The person also has to be recommended by a known person who knows them from their village and knows a family member. Someone who can assist you to locate a family member in case of anything.
Then there is personal presentation. just how does one carry themselves, how they talk, dress, general appearance. You don’t want to imagine your house being run by a person who doesn’t look the part. Its easy to distinguish disorganized persons,careless, defiant,a snobbish, easily admirable just at the point of meeting them. However, beware of first impression as some may not last beyond a day or two.
The first few days after accepting a person to work for you as DM is to induct them to your curriculum as well as learn who they are in detail. Its time to assess their capabilities in handling housework and dealing with children whether school going or toddlers. See how they relate with the children as they are the main business. You don’t want to leave them with a person who will scream at them, or make scaring faces thus instilling fear in them. if you have older children, you may get daily update on how things run while you are away. Be open to correct the DM whenever they make a mistake and follow up if they have improved. An allowance of one month is good enough to know if to keep her or severe the relationship.
So just how do you deal with repeated mistakes even after correcting the DM?
to be continued>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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