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i dont know how annonymous i am on this platform but i need to vent without someone knowing me personally. i am tired of trying to be the good wife, these men dont need pampering. they make you think that you as a wife are desperate to be married and so they leave everything to you. you get children but thats not his care what they eat and they will drink their last coin without a care. i got tired and had to put a stop to this. am more better while single an di hope i will remain single…

0 comments Posted by wambuijm 6 years 3 months ago

Every mothers fears this....Scarest moment of my life -and now anxiety attack

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Jul 9, 2014

Anxiety attack
For the third day today, I feel not so well, anxious of something that I do not know. It all started on Sunday evening when I lost my baby girl aged 2 years and 10 months in the crowd. She had left the house, as she usually does to play with other kids downstairs and I knew she was well coz she would run out and come back safe. I never thought it could be a disaster. That Sunday at around 6.30PM I sent her sister…

0 comments Posted by wambuijm 6 years 3 months ago

cycle of crime

I have been working for 4 years now with offenders rehabilitation department, and have noted that even when the offenders complete their supervision, some, if not most have ended up not quite achieving the goals of the treatment plan. Basically, my work revolves around the rehabilitation and empowerment of these offenders, and both plans go hand in hand. For these years I have worked, I have seem tremendous improvement for some client while the others slump back to the old offending self and partly because, the kind of empowerment was never enough. It is worthwhile to note that, some crimes…

0 comments Posted by wambuijm 6 years 3 months ago

Online suicide scheme

Kenyan parents, it’s okay to say NO to your children; otherwise we are raising losers!

Last week, 13 year old school eloped from her parents’ home in Nairobi to go start her own life. To date, she’s still missing. She eloped because, her parents admonished her and withdrew smart phone she was using to do inappropriate chats on whatsaap with men on line.
Yesterday, 16 year old school boy committed suicide after playing an online game that dare and instruct participants to commit suicide. In both incidences, smart phones bought by parents as gifts to their children contributed to…

0 comments Posted by wambuijm 6 years 3 months ago

Domestic Managers

Domestic managers fondly known as DMs are one key ingredient to surviving the working life of women with children. They are very core to the life of children from the time mothers resume work after maternity leave to the time when the child is considered capable of assisting himself. actually they are parenting partners whose involvement with children is remunerated. a DM may be a resident in their work place or a non resident who is able to manage to report very early to take over from the employer the responsibility of running the home during the day.

0 comments Posted by wambuijm 6 years 3 months ago

Are you Addicted to Bad Relationships?

Do you often find that you involve yourself in relationships that disappoint you? Are you not getting what you need and desire from the people you choose to date? Does there always seem to be something missing? If you answered yes to one or all of those questions, you could very well be addicted to disappointing and bad relationships, setting yourself up for failure without even knowing it. There are ways you can determine whether you are addicted or not, and ways you can break the addiction and start getting what you have always wanted from a relationship.
Before we…

0 comments Posted by wambuijm 6 years 3 months ago

People wont change for the better.

Nothing has changed. 5 years ago..........

it is times like this when im left wondering if ever i am/was prepared to be in this stage of life. for the past five days, i havent been the same i used to know. im full of hate, anxiety,doubts, frustrations,stress and all other words that express my feelings. am at the downest point of my life. to begin with, the whole world has been counting these five days for another reason,the westgate terror attack, in which unknown number of people perished and hundrends injured and many left with trauma to deal…

0 comments Posted by wambuijm 6 years 3 months ago

The shy topic- sex

I recently overheard my partner telling the children that their elder cousin has a baby and was shocked by the reply my 6 year old asked, "who gave her the pregnancy?' . My partner did not respond and changed the topic, i did not intervene but i knew that its time to have that shy topic.
Today's children are very bright, i remember that at the age of 10/11, i didn't know where children come from. In fact, my mother would tell us that she bought each of us from different markets. I learnt about conception while in grade…

0 comments Posted by wambuijm 6 years 3 months ago

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