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GPS Tracking Children for Improving Their Safety

Parenting can be overwhelming sometimes. At every age, you have to deal with countless issues, whether it is potty training or teething or sleepless nights. Only the people who experience it first hand; fathers and mothers can tell you how exhausting it is to raise a kid and naturally they are overprotective of their beloved children. Compared to a few generations ago, parents are less likely to allow their children to explore their surroundings, walk to school or visit a friend. This type of behavior may seem like the recently coined term “helicopter parenting” to some people but then again the world is a more dangerous place now than it is 30 - 40 years ago.

It is not all bad news though. Many aspects of living conditions for children improved drastically over the last decades. The mortality rate of children has been in a steady decline; advanced medical care and modernized education systems help children to grow up to become healthy and responsible adults. The number of injured and killed children by vehicles in the last 20 years have dropped by over 60%. All this information paints a pretty picture but the statistics about abducted and missing children tells a different story.
In the EU, a child goes missing every 2 minutes, imagine that for a moment. It isn’t any better in the UK; according to Missing Kids UK, 306000 children are reported missing every year. Reports from England and Wales indicate that the number of child abduction offenses recorded by the police increased by 10% in 2017 compared to last year.

While these numbers are worrying, it is also important to understand that only 1% of the missing children are actually abducted by total strangers. Still, no parent would want their children to be among that 1% and do everything in their power to prevent such an outcome. Luckily for parents, we live in an age where we can enlist the help of an advanced technology: GPS Tracking. People use GPS to track their pets, personal belongings, and deliveries every day. Businesses use tracking systems to monitor their merchandise and vehicles. So why not use GPS technology to keep an eye on our most valuable and precious asset? If a child tracker provides peace of mind and helps you prevent possible accidents that can happen to your child, wouldn’t you want to use it?
Personal tracking devices offer your kids the freedom to experience their childhood without being restricted at every turn. Have you ever wished you could know where your child is at all times? Well, with the help of a personal locator, you can. Live tracking allows a parent to check on their kids remotely. In the event that worst should happen and you misplace your kid, you can use this feature to locate them immediately. It doesn’t matter whether a toddler wonders off on their own or gets abducted by someone; the ability to pinpoint your child’s location in a matter of seconds is the best security measure you can provide for them.

Between their jobs, house chores and other daily activities most people don’t have the time to look at some screen all day to make sure their kid is safe. Cloud-based tracking software is equipped with a tool allows the user to create virtual boundaries for the children around specific locations such as their school, a nearby playground or a friend’s house. These safe zones trigger an alert every time the tracking device enters or leaves the predetermined areas. With instant notifications to their smartphone, parents will always be informed of their children’s movements; when they get on the school bus or leave a friend’s house to head for home.
Emergency situations are when we need the help of personal trackers the most. Kids are naturally curious, they want to discover new things, push boundaries and break the rules. And that is why they are more vulnerable than adults to environmental risks. Personal tracking devices designed for children have a built-in panic button that makes it easy for children to contact their parents. The panic button can be set to inform specific phone numbers and send an SMS or smartphone notification containing the exact location of the incident. Even if it is a minor injury or a simple fall, you can rush to their aid or send help. Combined with the preventive measures in place, panic button ensures a quick response and absolute protection.
There is a reason why there are entire business models that are targeting parental anxieties. It can be paralyzing for a parent to lose track of their child even for a moment. A parent’s first and foremost priority is to keep their children safe and the world we live in is getting more dangerous by the day. The biggest challenge in a person’s life is to ensure their kids are safe even when they are out of sight. Parenting is about awareness, care, and protection; making sure your kid is safe wherever they go. Despite living in a scary world, by taking advantage of tools like personal locators, we can let the kids have fun, learn and be safe at the same time.

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