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Here Are 5 Things You Should Know About STIs and Your Pregnancy

Having recently had a scare with my first child, I have learned a lot about what STIs can mean for a pregnancy. To boil it down to one essential element, they’re dangerous. I was actually very lucky to be able to get pregnant at all, as many STIs can make you infertile – but once you do get pregnant, there are a lot more risks to think about. Here are the most important things everyone should know before getting involved in unsafe sex.

1. You will be facing stigma
Let’s just…

0 comments Posted by SiennaWalker 6 years 10 months ago

Just saying "HI!"

Hello dear JustParents users!

Here's Sienna, a traveler extraordinare, but also a mom, who enjoys writing about all things connected to those who count the most for us, parents = our children.

I would like to share with you some of my thoughts and suggestions about pregnancy, health, education, traveling and all those things that we have to remember about and reconsider when we have children.

By no means am I the best mom, but I am trying hard. Hope to see your support here!

Thank you!


0 comments Posted by SiennaWalker 6 years 10 months ago

About this blog

Welcome to my Blog dear parents.

There will be a bit about traveling here, but also about health, pregnancy and education for the ones who count the most - our children.

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