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when our fears as parents becomes reality

Many of us have fears about parenthood. Some are small, but a lot of them can end up presenting some pretty big questions. For example: Do I breastfeed or formula feed? I chose to breastfeed due to the benefits (I believe breast fed is simple and provides the best nourishment). Natural birth, epidural, c-section? Either way you are still a parent and there is no easy way out! Vaccines or no vaccines? Get their shots, life is precious, we want to protect it. What do I do if my kid has food allergies? Avoid those foods if possible and always carry benadryl and, if prescribed by the allergist, an epi-pen just in case. The latter is a fear I had myself, and one that became my reality.
Allergies can be scary for anyone. Trust me, I know. My little one is allergic to chicken eggs and milk. We stay away from them the best we can, which can be difficult considering most products contain a form of either egg or milk. It makes shopping trips longer and more difficult, but it is all worth it to keep her safe. We also try to protect her from an allergy emergency by always having benadryl on hand as well as her epi-pen. At this point, it's all about education on types of food she can eat and what we have to avoid. Lucky for us there are options; a little pricey, but options none the less.
Now you're probably asking, if my kid has allergies can they still have a normal childhood? Depending on the allergy, it's very possible! For my kid, we currently use non-dairy and egg free options for all foods so she can experience a normal childhood with treats and food she might otherwise miss out on. She may grow out of it as she gets older, but only time will tell. Food allergies and giving my child the best childhood experience are one of my parenting fears, but when fears become reality then we do the best we can with the cards we have been dealt.
Life in general has its unknowns, whether you're a new mom or have three kids . Everyone is different, just like every pregnancy is different. Don't judge yourself because Sally so and so had an easy pregnancy or her child is perfect. Good for them. You are a unique person, and can choose to parent in a way that fits you. Just because a family member chose not to breastfeed doesn't mean you can't. Go for it momma! Life is scary, and sometimes that tiny human feels more like a ticking time bomb. Your kid could be an anomaly and be the best baby ever, or kick you through the night. Whatever the case may be, it is your family and your choice. There are always fears in parenting, take each hurdle in stride and just know momma, you have got this! If the unexpected happens, such as a food allergy or disability, educate yourself to the fullest and prepare as best as you can. Take on those fears, and most importantly, never forget the closest to you will always love you.

Posted 2 months 3 weeks ago


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