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Facing trouble

I am new here.
I am one of those woman who used to delay the pregnancy before the of 40. So we are facing the issue and I want to change the thing that helps me to get out my head.
I was so bad at that time and I want to get pregnant. I have been facing infertility from last one year. The truth is after the age of 35 it is difficult to get pregnant.
My eggs are not mature enough and I am going to meet the fertility…

0 comments Posted by melisaadams 6 years 6 months ago

I am facing infertility issue.

Hi friends, I am Melisa and I married 3 years ago.
Here is my straight story. Before my marriage I had lot of sex. I always tried to avoid the pregnancy during those days. Finally, I found out the man that I respect and married him. I cannot tell you that it is hard and it is taking over my head.
I am trying lot of things to get pregnant. Even I am soon going to meet fertility specialist and I have been trying hard on everything. It is really hard for…

0 comments Posted by melisaadams 6 years 7 months ago

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