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The Elephant in the Room

So, if you read my about me post then you may be wondering (let's be honest here, you ARE wondering) how is she 21 and a mother of a 4 year old? If you've done the math that means that I had my son at 17, yes I'm a teen mom. I am fully aware of the stigma behind teen aged mothers and I am here to tell you that not all of us are terrible people, in fact, most of us are pretty decent mothers. I became pregnant at 16 years old and I won't lie to you, I was MORTIFIED. The man I was with at the time was my first boyfriend and it just happened. However, I will tell you that when it did happen I got my stuff together fast. I worked my butt of in high school to graduate a year early while holding a job. When my son came (5 weeks early) I was prepared. I had everything I needed for him and more. It was definitely hard but not impossible and I made it happen, as any good mother would. When his father bailed only a year and a half after he was born, I made it work. Anytime he needed anything, I made it happen. I don't mean to glorify myself as a mothering guru (I most certainly have my "what do I do" moments) I only mean to shed some light on the misconception that teen mothers will raise terrible children which, in reality, we mostly face the same struggles as everybody else and we get through them just the same. I have heard it all before from the "Aren't you a little young to be a mother?" to "I would have taken you for his older sister rather than his mother." and while it does get annoying at times I totally understand why people as a whole think the way that they do about young mothers. With reality TV shows that focus primarily on the drama and turmoil surrounding the lives of teen age mothers simply for the amusement of the general public who have nothing better to do than judge some teenager who already has her plate pretty full it's no wonder there is such a stigma about teen moms. In short, I blame society not "Carol" from the daycare PTA who refuses to acknowledge me as a mother while making unintentionally rude remarks regarding the age at which I became a mother. With the elephant in the room properly addressed, that's all for right now but stay tuned for more posts in the Adventures of a Teen Mom to get to know my son and I. This is my blog and I really hope you enjoy it.

Posted 6 years 11 months ago


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