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Life with the Millers 101

Hello my name is Lachelle Miller i am a mom to 2 beautiful little girls Bridget Nicole is 2 years old and Ariana Grace is almost 1 ( Tuesday 6\20) my husbands name is Weldon he is my best friend and my rock ! My husband drives a litter truck and he is also a fire fighter so he is literally our hero our girls adore there daddy and same goes for him he adores them. I am a full time stay at home mom and i really enjoy my days with my girls they keep me busy and my life full and interesting there is never a dull moment around here Bridget has quite the vocabulary and her conversations are just darling she loves talking on the phone with her daddy or her grandma or any one for that matter she is every ones friend every where we go she tells every one hi and bye she loves people just like her mommy ! Now Ariana is my quiet one she is shy and laid back just like her daddy she doesn't care for strangers and is very much a momma baby !
My husbands family live just down the road from us so we see them all the time ( like almost every day ) he comes from a family of 5 boys 2 older brothers and 2 younger his oldest brother is married and doesn't live int the area and niether does his next to the oldest as for his younger brothers they both live with his parents his next in line brother is dating and his youngest well hes still rather young. As for my family they don't live around here either we live roughly 5 hours apart so we dont see each other as much as i'd like to. In my family it's my dad my brother my sister me then my younger sister, My mother passed away from cancer 4 years ago and i miss her every day! I am the only one of my sibling's that is married our daughters are the first grand babies on both sides of our family's so they are rather spoiled!! Our girls really adore there aunts and uncles and i think the feelings are mutual!
Today was a rather interesting day for us mom ( mother-in-law) came for the day to help me tidy up and clean our house as i am still recuperating from knee surgery my surgery was a week ago and i can walk with out crutches which is a blessing i won't be running a race any time soon but hey i am up and on the move it has been kind rough trying to stay off my knee for a few days especially with my 2 little energy balls !!!! but i have been blessed with friends and family helping me out !
My weekend seams to be going smoothly and it looks like it might be a calm one but things can change rather quickly around here so who knows if it will actually be smooth sailing! I still don't know if my husband will be working tomorrow or not he used to be home on Saturdays but here lately he has been working non stop seams like we hardly see him any more !!!!
I had plans to go over to dads tonight but not sure if i will as its already getting late and its almost bath time and bedtime for the girls and then me time (happy dance)
Well i guess i need to go make sure the girls haven't ruined my living room by now as they are rather quiet right now !!!
I wish each of you a good night and i do apologize as i'm new to this blog writing and i really don't know what i'm doing but here's to hoping i will learn.. ~ Lachelle Miller

Posted 7 months 2 days ago


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