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Parenting Tips

Breaking the “wall of Silence” between parents and children

Teenagers not listening to their parents anymore- Are you one of the parent struggling with such issues?Here's the right place to tackle this issue. All you need to do is just follow the below given guidelines and create a healthy parent - to -child relationship. It is not uncommon these days that teenagers do not want to listen to their parents anymore. They just can't bear the brunt of sermonizing anymore. No patience left. But have ever cogitate what makes them a victim of this kind of aggressive behavior?Did we even try to mellow down by politely discussing with our…

2 comments Posted by responsible 7 years 5 months ago

Emotional Coaching

Emotional Coaching- the bedrock to raising happy, resilient and well adjusted kids.
Has it ever happened that sometimes you wish you were a happy-go-lucky child? Just bag pack and leave aside all the errands(work, family, relationships) and free yourself from all the jollity?

However, reality is completely insane as it seems though, childhood is not an easy period. As a parent, our major disposition lies in distributing warmth , care as well as portraying an image of a loving parent, which is in fact highly appreciable. However, being an emotional tutor…

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