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Mothers are the obvious focus of pregnancy and childbirth, but fathers are strongly affected by the process as well. Men experience physical, emotional, and social changes as a mother's pregnancy progresses and when the child is born. While the changes to the mother are more pronounced, helping new fathers deal with the changes to their lives will only help the mother, baby, and family in the long run as the dad is able to be more present and enjoy the pregnancy and childbirth more.
While the woman goes through the most obvious changes during pregnancy, men actually experience hormonal ...

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Parenting Goals Every Family Should Have

As parents we begin the school year with blank notebooks pages fresh and clean. Backpacks are free of crumbs and leaked bottle drinks. Children wake up early in anticipation. We try to get to school a bit before the morning bell and start the year off on the right track.
But slowly the familiar patterns start to appear. The kids are going to sleep way past bedtime, waking up with just a few moments to spare. A child leaves his notebook in school and must scramble to find a friend whose fax machine is working. Nights spent ...

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