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A mother's story

20 week scan

20 week scan
“Are you hoping for a girl this time?” the question everybody asks and the question I didn’t like answering. Nobody who asks that kind of question thinks about it that much but for the person asked it can feel differently. I’m sure I’m guilty of asking the exact same question many times but this time it was me who had to answer it over and over.
The truth was that I’ve always been convinced I would have a girl, it just seemed a given and I was dearly hoping it would come true.…

0 comments Posted by Bebbygirl 8 years 5 months ago

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The 26th April is my youngest son’s 2nd Birthday, nine days later on the 5th May it’s exactly two years since we almost lost him.

I am a mother of three, writing a book about the emotions of a parent experiencing pregnancy, the joys of birth, the utter

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