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One Ponce At A Time

My kids are always making me laugh with things they say. Generally the best bits are when they are speaking to each other unaware that I am listening. These conversations give me such insight into their thinking and usually involve me killing myself laughing in the kitchen hidden from view.

Last night I tucked my daughter (aged 3) into bed after picking a book to read. She insisted that she should read the book to me so I let her. It was a small nursery rhyme book that told the story of Little Bo Peep. She made sure I was covered with her quilt asked me if I was comfortable and said she would begin.

"One ponce at a time the lady lost her sheep" Well that was it - I just could not stifle the uncontrollable urge to laugh out loud which I got told off for. "It's not funny Mummy the lady is very sad" This just made me laugh more!

I should add I did correct her, "It is once upon a time darling" I said it my best mummy voice and so she started again. "One ponce at a time ..." Cue me laughing even harder. By now my daughter was starting to get cross and we had caught the attention of my son (aged 6) who had to come and see what was going on.

Both of them looked at me as though I was some kind of nutter as I had no explanation as to why I was laughing so much. By this time I was hysterical, it wasn't just what she had said but the way they both reacted to me laughing about something that in their eyes was just not funny.

My daughter then said "I think you should go Mummy, I want to read to Daddy because you are being silly". On my way down the stairs I heard her say to her brother "Mummy is silly isn't she? She shouldn't laugh when the lady is sad" to which my son replied "Don't worry Daddy will read properly with us"

Well that was me told. Daddy was dispatched upstairs to restore order, he read to our son first and then our daughter with me ear wigging at the door.

"I am going to read to you Daddy, one ponce at a time....."

Posted 1 decade 2 years ago


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