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Yummy Mummy .... Not!

I am taking a break form the party planning posts today to have a bit of a rant!

The phrase "Yummy Mummy" bugs the hell out of me. Unless you have an army of cooks, cleaners and nannies how on earth are you supposed to achieve the status of yummy mummy?

At what point can you class yourself as a yummy mummy? Is there some secret scoreboard somewhere that you measure yourself against?

As I work I do have to make a bit of an effort when going into the office but I know there are occasions where I definitely do not look my best. I try to make sure that this does not happen often but it does happen. When I work from home it is usually done in my dressing gown and slippers with unwashed hair tied bag into a scraggy pony tail. Thank God my boss cannot see me; goodness knows what he would make of the sight of me. They have just introduced skype though so I will need to ensure that my web cam is permanently broken (sorry kids but you are likely to get the blame for this!).

My weekends normally involve housework, washing and studying so they way I look it not exactly the top of my priorities.

Trying to be a yummy mummy just adds to the pressures we all face as parents, as if there isn't enough to worry about. If I am not a yummy mummy what am I? A scummy mummy? Not sure I like that idea at all! As women we all like to look nice, it makes us feel good about ourselves but the thought of society looking at me and deciding if I am indeed a yummy mummy takes away the good feeling and replaces it with self doubt and anxiety.

That said I still want to be one!

If anyone knows where the secret scoreboard is please let me in on the secret, any inside information is always useful!

Posted 1 decade 2 years ago


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