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My little intro.....

Well, here's a little about me....
My name is Henrietta Lodder. I am married to my wonderful husband Ian since September 2005 and we have a beautiful 8 month old little son, Tyson. Life is amazing. I love being able to stay home with him every day. He is crawling all over the place now and it is so enjoyable having him around. I am starting a business to work from home right now and I really love it!! I want to be able to stay home all the time with our little guy and be able to make an income as well. It's tough living off just one income.
Well, spring time is just around the corner up here in Fergus, Ontario, Canada. I can't wait. I love to be able to go for my daily walks and enjoy the nice fresh air and sunshine. I also love soccer and alot of other summer sports. Winter sports are great too like hockey, skating etc. However, the warm air is lovely:)
Well, I'm not sue what else to add in here but I am looking forward to getting to know you all!!

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A little about me...

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