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Late starter

Welcome to my blog, it's the first time I have ever written a blog, I decided to write one today after spending the day in bed feeling exhausted.

I will begin with letting you know a bit about myself, it's like being at college or on a training day, one of those where you introduce yourself to the group :-) Oh no, the embarrassment descends!

This will bring you up to speed:

I live in Cheshire, I am 35 years old, with boyfriend of 2 years. I am a recently promoted company director (good timing eh,,) I didn't think I wanted children until I started dating my BF, the strangest thing is that I have known him for 14 years or so, but he was just a friend of a friend who I saw occasionally as a turned out well.

I turned 8 weeks on Tuesday gone, the day after my first meet with the MW. This morning I received my first letter for my first scan which is in 4 weeks.

I haven't told anybody about the pregnancy (apart from my BF) I think I will tell them after the first scan..maybe..even though I am 35 I am worried what my parents will say, not married (even though they are not religious) they know my BF but not well, I have been quite private about my relationships per-say so now it's a little weird! They are great parents, I don't know why I feel that way but I do. I am quietly worried about my job and career but I know I will have to get over that (I don't mean to sound selfish, I am grateful, just being honest).

To date I have felt very odd being pregnant. I was excited when I did the test, we did plan a baby for this year, but I thought with my age it would take yonks! Wrong, 4months, then i was nervous which must be normal..then I found myself focusing on the things I couldn't do anymore ( a glass of wine, running, horse riding) and I got a little frustrated. I feel cocooned in a room with no window sometimes. I even avoid people that may invite me out!

That said, I don't have a large (or even small!) group of friends, I moved away from Manchester a couple of years back and didn't do a good job of keeping up with the social scene. I suffered with mild depression some years back, although I am ok now I came out of it will traits of social avoidance so the circle dwindled.

I have maybe 2 people apart from my BF that I would call upon as true friends, I just realised I am waffling, I think it's the emotional roller coaster I am on today, sorry :-/

I was invited to a wedding last week, it's in london early July, I am thinking heck, what do I wear, I feel bloated, sick a little and I can't have that glass of wine,, Arh! I may stay in for the next 7 months :-)

Right, I think that's everything, I will keep adding bits, if you feel like me feel free to write back :-) take care all


Honestly I have a good chat to my cat, honest I am not mad!! :-)

Posted 1 decade 2 years ago


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