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Well... Guess here's a good place to start

Hi!! I'm Becca.. I have decided to write a blog about my travels with my daughter. They started when she was 4 weeks when we visited my Nan. My Mum lives in Birmingham so I frequently visit my nan and mum which is quite a way on the train changing twice or three or even four times.

She's also been abroad twice, to Benidorm, Spain, and Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. In the next 8 weeks we will be going to Side, Turkey.

So far everytime she's been on a 'plane she's slept most of the way. The train isn't to bad normally, she tends to bang the trays but after the first train (which is normally only half full, so she has space to bang trays) she's flat out on the more packed second train.

Anywayyyy... The reason I am writing this is the last time I went to drop my daughter off at my mum's she found a new kind of train station confidence, which scared me.

She won't normally go in her pushchair, but 5% of the time she might sit down with bribery, so I always take it, it's useful to carry my suitcase on too Very happy (when shes not in it obviously)... So anyway, this new thing shes learned, it involves not listening to a word I say, running around, trying to climb up the stairs, while I run after her :stop:

So now that I've got a visit to my mum's in just 9 days (must buy tickets!!) I've decided that I'm gonna try ways I find on the internet, in books etc to get my child to be a happy traveler Cuckoo

Becca xxxx

Posted 1 decade 4 years ago


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