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mollysmum's blog

nearly time?

Don't you just love it when the kids go back to school, it seems a bit mean really but I can't wait. Then I can have a little of me time back, we all love our kids and I love my Molly very much but hey I need to breathe, sing and dance by myself.

Roll on tomorrow. :clap:

0 comments Posted by mollysmum 1 decade 3 years ago


the weather is rubbish, I have a pile of ironing beckoning to be done and all in all bit yuk. Did do a bit of shopping early and had a lovely cup of Earl Grey and a gorgeous piece of choc cake, no that will not help with shifting my weight but hey it is the weekend.

1 comments Posted by mollysmum 1 decade 4 years ago

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the trying times of being a parent with a mare of a daughter.

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