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its twins!!

My husband and i decided to start trying for a baby july this year and i was suprised as to how quickly i got pregnant. After developing very sore breasts and an aversion to alcohol i decided it was time to do a test. I found out i was pregnant and the midwife got me at 4 weeks based on my last period end of august.

Still after a positive test it did not seem real. i know that usually it is best to wait to tell people but i was sooo excited, i am a nurse so i thought it best to tell work as some times i look after very dependant pts which involves moving and handling.

My early pregnancy symptoms werent so bad, a bit of nausea and tiredness so it still didnt feel real that there was a baby inside me, so when i was due for my dating scan at 11 or so weeks i was convinced that there would be nothing there. My husband and i waited in the waiting room with nervous excitement, today the pregnancy would become real to both of us.....i laid on the couch and the sonographer went about scanning my tummy, i said..everything ok to which the sonographer replied, yes both heartbeats are absolutly fine...i thought he was kidding but sure enough on the screen too little heart beats. My husband and i were shocked to say the least as there are no twins in either of our families.

Shortly after this scan..i think maybe two days later i noticed a pink blood stained discharge, which was a shock and upsetting i rang my EPU and they said it was probably nothing to worry about and to keep an eye on it. It got heavier and became more like fresh blood at this point i was just into my 12th week of pregnancy i rand the unit and they booked me for a scan. Not sure how to feel or what to think i went int to the scan, the baby was fine but they noticed a "bruise" area in my womb seperate to the babies which they though would be the source of the bleeding. They didnt say it but i looked up on the internet and it cameup with something called Subchorionoc Heamatoma which is quite common and usually nothing to worry about. I was told it may reabsorbe or i would bleed and it was a wait and see situation. This condition does carry a risk of miscarriage.

Following this info i went into a bit of a downward spiral, scared to use the bath room incase the worst was to happen, my husband has been great with me but i bet he finds it hard what with my hormones i am more down than up. A week after the scan i went to bed early as i felt unwell, i fell asleep but 2 hours later i awoke with the feeling of a massive gush on rushing to the bath room i was covered in blood..i passed a massive clot/tissue which i was convinced was one of my babies...i was worried about bleeding as there was a lot of blood i know if i was miscarring then there was nothing that could be done at this stage but what if the bleeding didnt stop, so we rang a taxi and went to our local a+e. They were as helpful as they could be but what i needed was a scan and they said this was not a priority so i would have to come back in the next day for a scan. As the bleeding had stopped and they were happy with me they let me go home having told me i had probably lost one if not both my babies.

I went for my scan, dazed and confuse dthru lack of sleep i had cried all night and not slept, but both my husband and i were prepared for the worst, surely after all that blood the babies must have passed. However i laid there and the gel was put on my tummy and i waited for the bad news at this point i was nearly 13 weeks. The sonographer wasted no time in telling me my babies were fine....lots of emotions all in one go, happiness, relief confusion..also the area that had been see on the previous scan seemed to have gone. Great i thought maybe now i will be normal and i can look forward to the rest of my pregancy.

Not so since the 3rd scan the bleeding has not stopped it varies from heavy fresh blood to brown old blood i have had period pains but no major bleeding since the incident when i had to go to a+e. The drs cant give me any garuntees and theres nothing i can do except wait and see. The dr advised me not to work and i have been off sick now for 3 weeks but i think i will go back to work as staying at home is not helping my mental state any, all i can do is take one day at a time and pray that everything is going to be ok. As i write this i am approaching 16 weeks. I have a scan in January and i can only hope they hold on till then.. fingers crossed. Unsure

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