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sad news

Unfortuatly my twins were not meant to be and Michael and Damien Rowlands were "born" on 17/12/09 16/40weeks. My husband and I are very sad but we are well supported and have many friends and family around us to ease our loss.
We are hoping to try again some time next year :-(

1 comments Posted by purplekitty2 1 decade 4 years ago

its twins!!

My husband and i decided to start trying for a baby july this year and i was suprised as to how quickly i got pregnant. After developing very sore breasts and an aversion to alcohol i decided it was time to do a test. I found out i was pregnant and the midwife got me at 4 weeks based on my last period end of august.

Still after a positive test it did not seem real. i know that usually it is best to wait to tell people but i was sooo excited, i am a nurse so…

0 comments Posted by purplekitty2 1 decade 4 years ago

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