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Bad Mother & Cake Day

It's Cake Day tomorrow. Aagh! The termly ritual of making cakes with the children and sending them into school for other children to buy in aid of the PTA.

"Sounds good" you say "What's the problem?" I forgot - that is the problem. Remembered just as my girls (5 & 7) were going to bed. Rushed to make the buns so they could decorate them. Used plain flour instead of self-raising. Disappointment all round. Bad mother! Just finished re-making them ready for them to decorate them at breakfast - well that's the plan!

Now all I have to do is to remember to give my children the money (50p) so that they can buy cakes made by other frazzled mothers.

Must get more organised next time! :fish:

Posted 1 decade 4 years ago


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