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*Scratches head & blinks*

Ever have those moments where you sat down somewhere in your home and pretended you were somewhere else? Hello! That was yesterday afternoon at around 3:15. Can you guess why? Why sure! That was when all of my kids arrived home from school! Crazy Just what is it when they get home from school you instinctively grab something to hang onto as it sounds like a stampede of hippos are coming in to run you down?! Blink This is my life...and they just never can come home quietly and all getting along together..I am dreaming...I think I watch too many get one settled then the other child barks...get that one settled then the oldest one wants you to whip 60 bucks out of your pocket so you can buy him a xbox 360 gold membership. All within the first 5 mins of arriving home. :roll: These are the days of my life. Supper went fine, played pogo last night on the computer, if anyone has Pogo add me..I am MsPlacedCanadian on there. Have a grand day all!

Quote of the day

A hug is like a boomerang - you get it back right away.
BIL Keane

Joke of the day

Doctor: I'm sorry to have to tell you that you may have rabies, and it could prove fatal.
Patient: Well, doctor, please give me pencil and paper.
Doctor: To make your will?
Patient: No, to make a list of people I want to bite.

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