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chocolate, a pigeon and a measle

An interesting weekend. As a belated valentine, Jono and I nipped off to a country pub in Oxforshire for a romantic treat. The hotel was lovely - roaring log fire, michelin-star food, cosy duvet and big fluffy towels. What more do you need?

Full of good intentions to enjoy good weather, walking in the Chilterns and getting plenty of fresh air and exercise, I fully succombed to the next symptoms of my pregnancy - tiredness. I managed to get up for breakfast on Saturday, but then retired back to bed for a 'quick snooze' prompted by over indulgence at the buffet breakfast bar. At 1pm, I ventured as far as the bathroom for a shower. But 1.15 saw me back in bed again. Another 40 winks at least gave me the energy to get dressed and finally Jono and I ventured out for a drive in the country. It got dark pretty soon after that.

I also had to finally accept something that has been troubling me greatly. I HAVE ACTUALLY GONE OFF CHOCOLATE! I can't believe it! Although my brain is still fully engaged, my body is now repulsed by the gorgeous brown stuff. It makes me feel sick if I eat it. Honestly, what pain! Without my weekly weekend bottle of rose, I at least thought I could turn to chocolate for a treat.

As we left our country retreat, a couple of older ladies called to us in the car park. It seemed that a pigeon had been knocked by a car or something and was now sitting pitifully in the drive with a pretty mangled neck. The ladies asked "please would you be so kind as to put it out of it's misery?" At first we didn't quite realise what they meant, but lady number one clarified, saying "can't you hit it again with something, or drive over it?" OMG! I know it was probably the most humane thing to do, but we just couldn't. And, although Jono's car isn't the cleanest in the world, I know he didn't fancy pigeon guts all over his tyre.

Returning home we twittered Mike to let him know we would pop in. He was in charge of his kids while Melissa was at work. They don't know we are having a baby yet. Emily (2) and Edward (10 months) were playing in the lounge, when we arrived. Mike put the kettle on then announced "Yep - the kids are great. That spot on Edward's head is just where a recent measle burst!!!!" PANIC! Needless to say we idn't stay too long and Edward did NOT get a cuddle from auntie Cath!

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