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hippo head

I was just talking to Jono about whether constipation was normal at 6 weeks, when the midwife called. We've opted to go with Frimley Park rather than Royal Surrey as it can be a real pain getting to Guildford sometimes.

Anyhoo, the midwife seemed quite nice, but didn't hold back on telling me how busy they are. So much so that she can't see me for my first appointment for another 4 weeks. I guess that gives me more time to experience odd symptoms to ask her about, eh?

I've set up a baby ticker on where you can track the bump's progress. Cool, huh?

Jono thinks we should give the bump a name, but so far I've only come up with 'hippo head'. Can you see the resemblance?

Posted 1 decade 5 years ago


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