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TreeHuggerx3's blog

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts With One Small Step

[size=12:b3c6680754][/size:b3c6680754][b][size=18:b3c6680754][/size:b3c6680754]Hello and welcome to my blog i am mummy to ryan 9 ruby 2 and jack 1 there is only 11 months between ruby and jack and that makes for pretty interesting adventures.

I look back over the last two years and think how on earth have i survived jack will be 2 in 2 days time and it has just flown.

Here i am now writting this well the day started off well 5:50am start by ruby asking for more juice she is in our bed most nights from start to finish much to my DH annoyance…

1 comments Posted by TreeHuggerx3 1 decade 11 months ago

About this blog

Welcome to my Blog parenting and other things that cross my mind during the the day which can make things pretty random but hopefully interesting : )

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