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TreeHuggerx3's blog

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts With One Small Step

[size=12:b3c6680754][/size:b3c6680754][b][size=18:b3c6680754][/size:b3c6680754]Hello and welcome to my blog i am mummy to ryan 9 ruby 2 and jack 1 there is only 11 months between ruby and jack and that makes for pretty interesting adventures.

I look back over the last two years and think how on earth have i survived jack will be 2 in 2 days time and it has just flown.

Here i am now writting this well the day started off well 5:50am start by ruby asking for more juice she is in our bed most nights from start to finish much to my DH annoyance…

1 comments Posted by TreeHuggerx3 1 decade 5 years ago

About this blog

Welcome to my Blog parenting and other things that cross my mind during the the day which can make things pretty random but hopefully interesting : )

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