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My Yearly Update...

wow, i've neglected JP for quite a while now... Kailey is all grown up now at 37 months!! That's right, a big 3rd birthday party in a few short months!! She's been toilet trained during the day for a few months, which is a great accomplishment, considering in 7 short weeks, no 2 will be arriving!!

Kailey is ecstatic to be a big sister, and I think she is just as anxious as Mummy to meet her little brother or sister!!

I really dont have that much to report, other than I am very happy with which way life is headed...

We have a beautiful daughter, and another child on the way.
Mark's loving his new job (well it's not that new anymore).
We're selling our house to buy our home...
Everything's just going really great!!

I hope you have all had the year I have and 2010 looks alot brighter!!

Good luck and take care in the new year,
Hannah =)

Posted 1 decade 4 years ago


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