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Baby/pregnancy dates

~~Special Dates~~
2nd Sep - Found Out Was Pregnant
13th Oct- Saw midwife for first time
1st Nov - Heard Babies Heartbeat For The First Time
3rd Nov - 1st Scan
19th Nov- Midwife and heard babies Heartbeat
4th Dec- Saw doctor and heard heartbeat
15th Dec - Felt Baby Move For 1st Time
23rd Dec - Sexing Scan, Placenta low (re-scan at 31 weeks)
2nd Jan - Rich felt baby move
13th Jan- Met one of the new midwifes, better than last one, heard heart beat
10th Feb- Met the other new midwife and heard babies heart beat…

1 comments Posted by eamesy88 1 decade 2 years ago


Had my doctors appointment and got confirmation that i was pregnant, have since had a bleed so had an emergency scan and everything was ok, altho my scan has put me back a week meaning i will be 7 weeks tuesday

0 comments Posted by eamesy88 1 decade 3 years ago

2/3rd September

Done a pregnancy test and got a faint positive, done another on the 3rd and again was the same so have made a doctors appointment for the 10th September at 10.20

0 comments Posted by eamesy88 1 decade 3 years ago

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