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wannabemum's blog

So happy!

Hey sorry to keep you all waiting my weekend has been mental!! Hospital went great friday no problems im all healhy! Also going to do a preg test at the end of the week.. missed a period so im hoping it comes back positive! I so hope i dont come on my monthlys if i dont get pregnant after all i have done, i dont know what is going to make it happen! Im happy that resutlts from hospital were good news though at least now i know that my reproductive system is healthy and ready to go! Cant wait…

0 comments Posted by wannabemum 1 decade 3 years ago

Putting my mind to rest!

Hi guys! Today is the day that im going to the hospital to make sure everything is ok.. Really scared but fingers crossed it will be all good news and my reproductive organs are working well!! Me and my partner have spoken about things and my mind is at ease a bit more now just need the reassurance of a doctor and ill be back home for some more baby making!! Hope all is ok! Keep your fingers crossed for me and ill update u when i get back.
Wish me luck...

0 comments Posted by wannabemum 1 decade 3 years ago

Putting the pressure on!

Its driving me mad now! Me and my BF are constanly arguing over this he now has said that he had given up!! And is going to use condoms again as we are not getting no where!! What do i say to this?? Its like his blaming me when this is the most important thing in the world to me! I dont know what to do i feel as though this is ruining our relationship. Two of our friends have just found out they are having a baby and thats put even more pressure on! Its like he blames me…

1 comments Posted by wannabemum 1 decade 3 years ago

Heart breaking

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years, 1 year of that time we have not used any protection. We are actively for a baby but nothing ever seems to happen! Now its causing stress on our relationship and we are aruing all the time! Its the only thing we talk about these days. I love this man with all my heart and really want to bring his child into this world. Im worrying that maybe there is something wrong with me and that i cant have children. This is making me depressed and i dont feel…

0 comments Posted by wannabemum 1 decade 3 years ago
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So heart breaking

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